Hey there, I’m Tomas and welcome to my Simple Travel Blog.

I’m a 24-year old flight attendant and travel enthusiast. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Everything I write I do both in English and Spanish, so if you’d rather read this in Spanish click here.

About my blog

Since I work as a flight attendant, I’m not a full-time traveler.

It’s tempting seeing all these bloggers with their on-the-road lives, but some of us have things at home we don’t want to let go of, be it your job or maybe your relationships. So I try to bring a more travel-twice-a-year-during-your-holidays approach to traveling.

So for those passionate about traveling but with a more settled-down type of life, this is your place.

I get two 15-days or one 30-days holidays every year, so that’s what’s going to feed my blog.

I pay for my traveling with my job salary, which I also use for my every-day expenses; so I try to make my trips as affordable as possible; if you are looking for luxury you probably won’t find it here.

I’m a big fan of slow-eco-traveling (walking slowly in natural environments), but I also enjoy urban sceneries so you’ll see some of both.

This blog is born as a hobby. Here you will find personal stories, useful information and reflections about traveling. It’s purpose: sharing and inspiring, fellow and potential travelers.

About myself

I’m an easy going, down-to-earth guy. I try not to make much of a problem where there isn’t, solve what I can; and what I cannot change, just accept it and let it be.

I love meeting people from different cultures to mine. Learning how people live in remote places of the planet gives me perspective to confront personal situations.

Traveling is my passion, everything I do in my life, I do with that ultimate purpose.

Being a flight attendant is a great job for travel lovers, but it does get repetitive. The destinations are always the same ones, and you get to stay there for only a short period of time, mostly for just 24 hours. So I take advantage of the employee benefits and do my most significant traveling during my holidays.

Before becoming a flight attendant, I worked as a ski instructor at a small ski resort in northern California. I’m also small one-engine airplane pilot and I’m currently studying Graphic Design (which I hope reflects on my blog).

Another hobby of mine is making videos. In some articles you will find a video resume at the end. For me, videos are the best kind of souvenir. I have a really bad memory, so my videos are the best at transporting me back to the moment.

Sometimes I travel by myself, sometimes with company.

I don’t like using travel guides. Before I journey on my next trip, I do a brief research of which are the most important places to visit at my destination. But I try to spoil myself as less as possible, so that when I get there, almost everything is a surprise. Instead of setting up an itinerary beforehand, I prefer to travel with a few extra days and once I’m there, talk to locals and other travelers so they can give me advice and tell me which are the best spots to visit and the most interesting activities to do.

Traveling teaches you values like respect, patience and tolerance. To travel is to learn, and there’s always growth in learning, as a person, as a human being.