9 Best Travel Apps in 2018

best travel apps

Our phones are an amazing tool which we usually take for granted, but when we are traveling we should really make the most of them. This list contains the most useful travel apps that I use during my trips. Hope you find these as convenient as I do.


airbnb logo


I should assume everyone reading this blog already know what airbnb is, but in case someone doesn’t, here it goes:

Airbnb.com is a website used to get accommodation, not hostels or hotels, but homes and apartments owned by people who live in the city.

You can rent the entire home or just a room. Depending on the destination you might find other exotic options like sailboats. TIP: Be on the look for these type of options because they can offer quite unique experiences.

It’s very convenient and economic, specially if you don’t mind sharing your accommodation with strangers.

hostelworld logo


As it name indicates, hostelworld.com is the Booking of hostels, no more, no less.
Where you have to go if you are looking for a bed and shared moments with strangers from around the globe.
It’s app is practical and easy to use.

couchsurfing logo


For the ones who don’t have any issues with other people, are looking for a more typical experience of the place and don’t mind sleeping on the couch or a mattress on the floor, your accommodation app is Couchsurfing.

Even better that getting a shared home on Airbnb. Why? Because it’s FREE. Yeah, FREE.
People who are interested in hosting and meeting new people open their virtual doors through this website.

They publish their homes on the site and through a rating system they get a reputation which tells the potential guests that his/her house or apartment is a safe and friendly place.

Download the app so you can do the reservation and talk to the host from the palm of your hands.


skyscanner logo


Skyscanner is by far the best of all travel apps to find the cheapest and most convenient flights. It compares prices from all airlines and gives you the best options, helping you plan your trip and save money.


underground logo

Whichever Is The Metro App For The City

Remember before visiting any important city, download (if there is one) the app for the metro of the city. Almost every large city has one. This app will help you stay located and not wasting any time looking through maps.

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In some of them you can enter where you are and where you want to go and it will show you the most convenient way to get there through the metro. Some also include buses routes.


uber logo


I feel like nowadays  there’s no need to explain what Uber is. If you are not planning on using the metro, or in certain situations public transport is not the best option, request an Uber. It’s cheaper and more practical than a taxi. But remember to have a good Wi-Fi connection AT the place where you’ll be waiting for your Uber driver, if not you’re probably going to have a hard time finding each other.


Travelmate logo


Do you travel with friends but are tired of keeping track of expenses? To avoid forgetfulness and uncomfortable situations there’s TravelMate, a travel app that generates an account into which every member of the trip can enter with his or her user account. Every time there’s a new expense you just have to enter into the app how much it was and who paid for it. TravelMate will automatically make the math and tell you how much who owes to who. Extremely useful.

xe currency logo

XE Currency Converter

No more and no less than a currency converter. XE is constantly updating it’s currency database. It has a very functional interface in which you can see multiple currencies at the same time. It’s very useful for multi-country trips in which you will be using more than two different currencies.

googlemaps logo


This is my #1 of all travel apps. We all know GoogleMaps, but it has some not very well known functions that make it my favorite.

One of this functions is that you can download maps of certain areas to use offline once you are at your destination and you don’t have internet connection.

The first thing you have to do it’s to look for the place/city/area you’re going to visit. Once you see it on the app, on the finder you have to write “ok maps” and enter. It will automatically open the option to download the area you looked for. This will also save all the stores and interest points which are inside that area.

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Let’s suppose you are in Barcelona. Before you got there you downloaded the map out of the city inside GooglMaps. Now you’re walking around the streets of the Gothic quarter, you can open GoogleMaps without internet connection, look for the place your friend said you must eat at at the Barceloneta, see exactly where you’re standing and from there, start your way towards your delicious meal.

Another helpful thing you can do on GoogleMaps is, after you downloaded the offline area, mark on the map the places you plan to visit. There are three type of markers: Star, Label and Heart.
What I find most helpful is to use:
– Star: places I cannot miss
– Label: places I can skip. I usually use it for places to eat and stores.
– Heart: my accommodation.
This way I can see on the map at what distance each spot is making it easier to plan mi daily route.

These are the travel apps I find most indispensable for my trips, I hope they work this well for you too.

Thanks for reading and have a nice trip!

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